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Here at, we’ve always provided you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on the top online casinos available to Canadians. You can rely on us to keep you abreast of any developments in the world of online gambling, and the most recent information on Live Casino games is no exception.

Faster download and transfer times have made these games, which demand a high-speed Internet connection, considerably more practical and functional. Live Dealer games, which offer one of the most realistic simulations of playing in a real casino, are now available at a growing number of the online casinos we recommend.


True Fun in Playing

Live dealer casinos are unquestionably the future of the online gambling industry. A dedicated studio or section of a land-based casino is used, and the equipment is run by a qualified host. You can watch the action from wherever you are thanks to a live video feed that is being captured. As if you were there in person, you may observe the action as it happens.


In addition to the genuine environment, you also receive the conveniences of playing online. This means that you may still play whenever and wherever you like, make larger bets for a smaller outlay of money, and get substantial bonuses. There has never been a better time to play video games on your computer or mobile device.


Authentic Casino Experience

Live games can be accessed in a variety of ways at the many casinos suggested by There are those who provide this form of entertainment solely on their website, while others have their own television channel that can be accessed with a player’s cell phone as a remote control. The croupiers work from a separate area in either situation.


You won’t just feel like you’re in the game because you get to chat with a nice host; the gameplay itself will draw you in. This is crucial, but it’s not the only thing that makes you feel like you’re playing in Monaco, Macau, or Las Vegas.


In many cases, you can also activate a chat function and have conversations with the other players at your table and the dealer. This makes the place feel even more like a land-based institution because to the friendly ambiance it creates. One of the best ways to improve your game is to talk strategy with other players. Multiplayer options make for a more social and engaging gaming experience, and are available in many popular games like blackjack and poker.


The dealer’s physical transactions are converted into data by means of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which is then used by the casino software of your choice. This procedure is applied to every activity, including dealing cards and turning the roulette wheel, to ensure that your session runs as smoothly as it would in a real online casino.


You’ll make your choice using a control panel on your mobile device, and the betting spread will run across the bottom or side of the screen, superimposed over the action being shown. To place your chips in the appropriate spot, much like at a real table, use your finger or mouse. The excitement of the game is amplified by the availability of side bets. These bets can pay out extremely handsomely regardless of the outcome of the main game.


You may customize the interface to your liking, and there are also helpful in-game guidelines and other tools to take advantage of while you play. These are normally tailored to the live dealer casino games you are now enjoying. In the card game of blackjack, for instance, the Pre-Decision feature enables simultaneous action by all players. Baccarat’s sophisticated software allows players to conduct the infamous Squeeze and disclose the last card themselves, allowing them to fully control the outcome of each hand.


Playing by the Rules:

As a general rule, the bets and general rules of Live Dealer games are the same as their other online and even offline equivalents, therefore it is normally recommended by that you master the other online versions first. Although playing live is thrilling, the other online environment can be far more manageable for learning the rules.


When you’re ready to play, keep in mind that the game’s tempo is different and that the overall experience may feel strange at first. It may take a little longer to play this manner due to the time it takes for the dealers to collect the cards after each round, shuffle them, and then deal them out. Cards must be collected, shuffled, and dealt, or the spinning wheel must come to a stop, as opposed to the instantaneous results generated by Random Number Generation. You’ll get used to it and be fully invested in the experience in no time.


If possible, practice on a free version, or with a little bet, until you feel comfortable using all your newfound knowledge.


Raise the Stakes of Your Gameplay

It’s always fascinating to play in real time and see the action unfold through live feed, but if you join up at one of the casinos we recommend, you’ll have the finest fun imaginable. The hosts are the best in the business, both in terms of knowledge and looks. You may also expect the highest payouts, largest betting ranges, and most unique extras here. You will be provided for in every way possible.


Now is the moment to enjoy the full splendor of Live Casino games if you’re ready for more intense excitement in your online gameplay and you’re confident in your ability to handle the added strain. We here at are happy to propose the best places to accomplish just that.


Which Casino Games Can I Play with a Live Dealer?

Casinos incur far more expense when hosting live games than when hosting their standard virtual games. Having at least one cameraman, many dealers, and an information technology manager to handle all technical concerns requires a far larger investment in labor and technology. More people are needed since some casinos have the option of male and female Live Dealers and because a pit manager is always there to settle any disagreements that may arise between players and dealers.


A studio, an analyst’s office, and a server/software room are the three essential components of any internet arrangement. All of these factors add up to make this format unavailable at many online casinos. Since these are the most prevalent games where players could be looking for a new challenge, they also tend to be the most popular. Live Dealer games typically have different rules and layouts, and the number of available variations also varies from site to site.


Live casinos typically feature games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker. Some sites also provide games like Sic Bo, Keno, Dream Catcher, and others that are similar to Wheel of Fortune. There will be more breakthroughs and new products introduced as technology advances.


Blackjack with a Live Dealer

At, we only feature and suggest casinos that employ secure, high-quality software. Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and dozens of other sites now offer Live Dealer games as well.


The framework of these Live Casino games is identical to that of traditional online casinos, with the added excitement of interacting with a real life dealer. The dealer in a game of Live Dealer Blackjack, for instance, will hand you two cards and get two of their own.


The Live Casino games are identical, but the enhanced realism will make you feel like you’re in a different world than you would with even the most realistic online casino. Live Dealer Blackjack brings the online casino experience as near to a real-life casino as it gets, and the number of variations available keeps rising.


How Live Dealer Blackjack Games Work

All of the Live Dealer Blackjack tables are staffed by croupiers with years of experience in the field. Live casino games are available online and are broadcast in real time to the player’s device. This means that you need a very fast Internet connection if you want to play Live Blackjack successfully.


It’s possible that playing with a Live Dealer will alter your gaming experience slightly from what you’re used to doing online. Although the betting and regulations are same, the pace and length of play may vary in a real Live Casino due to the Dealer’s requirement to hand out, collect, and reshuffle the cards before each round.


While playing online blackjack with a live dealer is one of the most thrilling experiences possible, we at advise taking it gradually and allowing yourself plenty of practice time before betting real money. Try out the Live Dealer versions of your favorite games once you’ve mastered the standard online ones.

Live Blackjack Games with a Human Dealer


These days, you may find a wide variety of Blackjack games with Live Dealers available online. Live Diamond VIP Blackjack is one of many Live Dealer games that may be played with multiple players in addition to a single one, greatly increasing the social, pleasurable, and exciting potential of the experience. Players have the option of playing against either a male or female Live dealer, according on their preference.


It can be challenging to find a seat at one of these 7-player multi-game tables during peak hours, but new games are constantly being added to the sites we promote at In order to meet the demand, some establishments even provide special rooms.


Creation of a Live Blackjack Strategy

There are many things you can take to increase your chances of winning when playing Live Dealer Blackjack. You may find many online strategy tables that will tell you what to do no matter what cards you or the dealer are holding. Use them effectively, but with caution, as even a small change can have a major impact on your results.


Real Live Dealer games also allow card counting, which is impossible in other online games due to RNG. In some circumstances, this can be very effective; nonetheless, you should always proceed cautiously. It’s a good idea to have some experience with other online games under less-stressful conditions before venturing into the live-dealer arena.


The more you play Live Dealer Blackjack, the more you’ll get a feel for the game and build your own unique strategy. You can play Live casino games anytime, anywhere at any of the casinos recommended by


Dealt-in-person Hold’em

The game of poker, which originated in North American frontier towns, continues to fascinate people all around the globe. Live three card poker, Live Casino Hold ’em, and a variety of other Live Dealer and normal version games may now be enjoyed from the comfort of home, thanks to the proliferation of online casinos.


We’ve found that a lot of the casinos we review have genuine Live Dealer poker games. These can bring your online gaming to a whole new level of realism, coming as close as possible to a “real life” experience.


All of our players should definitely try out these Live Casino online games. Allow yourself some time to adjust to the faster speed of action in the live games. Since Texas Hold’em is the most popular Poker variant across all platforms, learning the game through Live Dealer Hold’em is a great location to get started.


The Basics of Live-Dealer Hold’em

High-speed Internet connections, crucial for running real Live Dealer games smoothly, are now possible because to increased download and transfer speeds. The games are hosted and dealt by qualified professionals who are videotaped in a studio and broadcast live to your computer or mobile device.


With Live Casino Hold’em, you can choose to play against the Dealer only, or against other players, and the game’s immersive camera views will further immerse you in the action. These Live Dealer games are very similar to standard online Poker games in terms of betting structures, bonuses, and payouts. Live Dealer Hold’em is a lot more exciting because of the live interaction with a skilled dealer.


Mastering the Art of Hold ’em in a Live Casino

There are a lot of hints and indicators in the behavior of your opponents if you play Live Dealer Casino Hold’em at a site that allows you to play against other aficionados. Physical tells that would be obvious in a land-based game are impossible to spot in an online environment, but you may still analyze factors like play pace and betting patterns. Live chat is a great way to meet other players and have fun, and it may also provide useful information about a player’s playing style and current hand.


There are many resources available on the internet to assist you hone your Poker skills, whether you want to play against the female live dealer, the male live dealer, or other players. Use these tools when practicing in a no-deposit game; they range from odds calculators to software that emphasizes your patterns of blunders.


Live Dealer Casino Hold’em and other variants of Live Dealer Poker offer free games that may be played by anyone to hone their skills before entering a real money game. The best Live casino Online choices to put your own unique set of insights and talents to the test can be found right here at!


Try Your Hand at Live Hold ’em Now! has the best options for you to enjoy the excitement of Live Dealer online Poker. Great Texas Hold ’em variants can be played for free before you decide which Live Casino games you like best and at which stakes you want to play for real money.


The best Live Casino Hold’em games can be found at the sites we recommend, and each hand you play is a part of your trip, no matter how you want to play.


Live-dealer poker

Canadians have always shown a lot of love for the card game of poker, and now with the introduction of live dealer games, they may have the best of all worlds. With the help of the Internet and a trained dealer whose activities are broadcast directly to your computer or mobile device in real time, you may enjoy a gaming experience that is on par with the real thing. That is, if not better!


Card games developed by live casino games giant Vivo Gaming are finally here, and they’re waiting for you to play them. All of their Poker games are loaded with extras like HD streaming, no-download accessibility, and mobile optimization.


Several Unique Poker Tables with Real Dealers

Vivo Gaming offers a wide variety of the best games, and their 3 Card Live Dealer Poker variant is a fan favorite. With one single exception, all the regular regulations apply. The value of a flush is lower than that of a straight, and vice versa, due to the probability disparities between 5 and 3 cards. Furthermore, hands whose worth depends on more than three cards are discarded.


You will be dealt 7 cards instead of the usual 5 in Vivo Gaming’s Casino Hold’em. As this is a single-deck game, the cards will be shuffled after each hand, so you can focus on building the best hand possible.


Caribbean Stud live dealer Poker from Vivo Gaming is a lot of fun since it combines elements of three card poker and casino hold ’em. You’ll each receive 5 cards, and the game will begin after everyone has placed their Ante bets. After the dealer finishes dealing cards face down, he or she will show one card to the players. From there, you’ll have to decide whether to Fold or Call.


Launch Your Campaign With a Winning Plan

It won’t take long for you to realize that the other players in these live casino games fall into one of several distinct types. Understanding their playing styles will allow you to fine-tune your own tactics, giving you the best chance of victory.


If you want to beat the aggressive players who make up the bulk of the strategy in live dealer Poker games, you need to minimize the risks you’re taking. You should make risky bets when the opportunity presents itself since they tend to fold. The best strategy for beating the ultra-tight players who frequent Vivo Gaming Poker games is to play pre-flop. These players seemingly only play Kings and Aces.


It’s a sluggish method, but it has the best chance of winning you the pot in the end. Players who are on the conservative side tend to be the toughest opponents. The majority of them are highly skilled tacticians, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for any openings. Keep your eye on the prize, since the only way to defeat this gang is to utilize a strategy that they won’t expect.


Win Big at the Best Online Poker Rooms

Canadians have several reasons to enjoy Vivo Gaming’s live Poker games. Multilingual dealers are available around the clock to keep the action lively while you rack up chips on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.


Get ready for the excitement of live dealer Poker with our recommended sites. Be confident in your skills in 3 Card, Casino Hold’em, and Caribbean Stud before sitting down at a table run by Vivo Gaming and placing your bets.


The Ultimate Live-Play Roulette Experience

Live Dealer Roulette is perfectly suited to the cutting-edge medium of online gambling, which is why many of the best casinos we suggest to users at provide it. A croupier at a single table can serve customers from all over the world. It’s a win-win for everyone involved because it’s a cheap way for online casinos to improve your gaming experiences.


Live Dealer Roulette follows the same guidelines as standard roulette, whether played virtually or in person. Players will have a blast trying out each of the game’s many variants. Everything from the wagers to the table layouts to the actual wheels is much like you’d find in a real life casino.


The actual Live Dealer games are operated by professional croupiers, who not only make the experience more exciting but also add to the fun and entertainment of the game. You’ll feel like you’re part of the action because, as many players have remarked, Live Casino games are the closest thing to an actual, brick-and-mortar casino that can be found online.


Live Roulette: The Basics

In roulette, a ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel, and players wager on where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning. Roulette’s origins can be traced back to Europe or France, where the original layout comprised a single green panel with the number 0, followed by alternating red and black panels with the numbers 1 through 36. The odds are more heavily weighted in favor of the house in the American version of the game due to the inclusion of one additional green panel labeled 00. Several of the best casinos in Canada provide multiple versions of roulette, including French Live Roulette, American Roulette, and European Roulette.


Commonplace internet games recreate the action with the help of animations and RNG. Live Dealer Roulette, on the other hand, has a real croupier who spins the wheel and drops the ball after each wager. Everything is recorded in a special studio or room and broadcast live over the internet. Live Casino action can be viewed in real time by anybody with a computer and an Internet connection.

Formulating a Winning Live Roulette Game Plan


Live Roulette is a thrilling game, but it can be difficult to get the hang of if you’ve never played before. If you’ve never played the game before, we highly recommend practicing on other online versions of the game, particularly free ones that allow you to play and get used to the controls without having to worry about spending any money.


You can then advance to Live Dealer Roulette games and play for real money. Red/Black, Odd/Even, and 1st/2nd 18 Bets are all ideal even money wagers to practice with until you feel more comfortable with the game. The risks and potential payouts increase proportionally with the degree of specificity of your wager; in fact, you can bet on the specific panel number in which the ball will land.


A no-deposit game is the greatest place to try out the many tips and methods you learn online. You have nothing to lose but your time and could learn a great deal regardless of whether or not the strategies actually work.


You should also give yourself some time to get used to the different speed of playing Live Roulette games, since this may take some getting used to. They take more time and effort, so they may not be the greatest option if you want to maximize your chances of winning in the shortest amount of time possible. However, nothing beats a Live Dealer Roulette game when it comes to pure exhilaration!


Visit the Top Casinos in Canada!

See which of the Live Casinos we recommend you try you like best. All of them are safe to use because they have been vetted by legitimate authorities and granted appropriate licensing; however, your choice should be based on factors like format, design, and prizes. You can pick the games you want to play and the rules, wheels, dealers, payouts, and bonuses that you prefer. Do things slowly and carefully at first, but above all else, enjoy yourself.






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